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Dear Colleagues:

The PSA, with the full support and co-operation of the WSF, has developed a website ("The Call") that offers a number of video-clips from squash matches with the intention of educating both referees and players alike to understand the latest thinking about the Rules of Squash and their application.

The primary aim of this website is to enable referees and players to view video clips that illustrate the two-fold obligation of all players (a) to clear the ball after hitting a return, and (b) to make every effort to play the ball. Reducing the number of stoppages in a match because of lets will increase the flow of play and make the game more enjoyable to watch.

The attached letter from Lee Drew, PSA Director of Referees and Refereeing, explains the aim of the website and how to gain access to it.

While this website was initially developed for the PSA World Tour, its message is valuable and valid for all levels of play. We hope, therefore, that all referees and players will log on and view the material, so that the interpretations that are presented there will have a beneficial impact on squash everywhere.

Best regards

Rod Symington
WSF Referees Committee

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